Black Law, PC Wins Jury Verdict

Black Law, PC congratulates firm associate, Jonathan Sneed, for winning a jury verdict in his first jury trial. After a two day trial in the 295th District Court of Harris County, Texas, the jury found for our clients, Eausaw and Brenda Stephenson, and awarded compensatory damages totaling over $18,000 dollars. The jury award included:

  1. Past medical expenses totaling $3,157 dollars;
  2. Pain and suffering damages totaling $5,000 dollars; and
  3. Mental anguish damages totaling $10,000.

The defendant refused to offer any money prior to trial.

The case stems from a car wreck that occurred on November 29, 2014. The defendant refused to accept responsibility for the crash and instead blamed Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson for causing the collision. After deliberating for two hours, the jury returned its verdict finding the defendant to be 100% at fault.

We are all thrilled with the result and are pleased to see justice prevail. We appreciate the thoughtfulness, seriousness, and commitment to fairness shown by the wonderful citizens of Harris County, Texas who served on the jury.

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