Chemical Exposure

Many construction sites and industrial workplaces have large quantities of toxic chemicals on site. While the chemicals may be necessary to complete the job, it’s still up to the premises owner to put adequate safeguards in place to prevent spills and to minimize the effects of any accidents that do occur. When workers are exposed to toxic chemicals, the premises owner is responsible for any ill effects suffered by the workers.

How Toxic Chemical Exposures Occur

In the most dramatic cases, a pipe or storage container may rupture and cause a large spill. Fires could also cause toxic chemicals to be released into the air even when the cause of the fire was something entirely unrelated like a spark hitting construction debris. In other cases, the exposure can occur slowly over time from inhaling fumes from paint or other sprays, construction dust, and other substances used on job sites.

Proving Toxic Chemical Exposure Cases

The key problem in toxic chemical exposure cases is that not all symptoms are immediately apparent. Even when skin is burned or develops rashes, that is usually not the end of medical complications. Cancers, lung diseases, and other illnesses can develop years after exposure whether or not the worker initially showed symptoms. An experienced lawyer and multiple expert witnesses will frequently be required to prove a case because the responsible party will usually argue that the illness could have had any number of other causes. For over a decade, the lawyers at Black Law has been fighting for the rights of workers who have been exposed to chemicals in the Houston, Texas area and throughout the nation. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with an injury or disease related to chemical exposure, contact Black Law today for a fee consultation.