Black Law is a plaintiff’s law firm in Houston, Texas that believes in the principle of ubi jus ibi remedium — there is no wrong without a remedy.

When people are injured because of the wrongful acts of another, the law provides a remedy. They have a right to be compensated for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and mental anguish. This is not because the responsible party necessarily deserves punishment but because it is only fair that no one should have to pay for the wrongs of another.

Black Law handles a wide range of cases from auto and truck accidents to defective drug and medical devices to occupational exposure to dangerous chemicals or substances. The firm focuses solely on representing the injured, so it is 100% focused on achieving the best possible outcome for people, not corporations or insurance companies.

With its principal office in Houston, Texas, Black Law represents plaintiffs throughout the state of Texas and the nation. If you have been injured by the wrongful acts of another, contact Black Law today for a free consultation.