Auto and Truck Accidents

Auto and truck accidents are one of the most common forms of personal injury claims. With millions of drivers on the road with varying driving skills, it’s no surprise that accidents happen daily. While accidents are to be expected, having to pay for other drivers’ mistakes is not. When a driver causes an accident due to careless or negligent driving, they are liable for the medical costs, property damage, pain and suffering, and other expenses of the drivers or passengers they injure.

After an accident, it can often be difficult to get the at-fault driver to accept responsibility. They may feel that “it was only an accident” and they weren’t trying to cause harm. The legal standard, however, is failing to exercise a reasonable level of care. Common traffic violations such as speeding, rolling through a stop sign, failing to use turn signals, or following too closely could easily establish liability even if “everyone else does it.” The key difficulty in an accident case is finding a way to prove that a driver was driving in an unsafe manner when the police usually arrive after the fact and have nothing more than conflicting driver statements to base their report on.

A person who is injured in an auto or truck accident should contact an experienced accident lawyer as soon as possible to learn about what they will need to do to prove a case.