Maritime Personal Injury

Texas’s oil industry gives it a high number of maritime injuries. General principles of maritime accidents are the same as any other personal injury claim — ship owners and employers have a duty to provide safe working conditions for their workers, and when they fail to do so, they must compensate their workers for any injuries that result.

More so than any other personal injuries, the laws governing maritime accidents are incredibly complex. This is because the law changes depending on exactly where the accident occurred. Attorneys with maritime experience are vitally important to a successful case.

After a maritime accident, it’s important to talk to an experienced maritime lawyer as soon as possible. The time limitations for filing a claim depend on which set of laws apply. If a lawyer without a good understanding of maritime law files the suit in the wrong court, it may be too late to file in the correct court after the original suit is dismissed. Black Law in Houston, Texas, has years of experience handling maritime personal injury cases. Contact Black Law today for a free consultation.