Personal Injury

Accidents are a part of life, but paying for accidents caused by other people doesn’t have to be. Many people are reluctant to pursue a claim when they are injured by the wrongful acts of another. This should not be true. There is no greater insult to a person’s civil liberty and individual rights than bodily injury and every person has a right to be fully compensated for his or her injuries.

When do personal injuries occur?

Personal injuries happen when a store fails to mop up a spill and someone falls, when a neighbor’s dog gets out and bites someone, or when a stray volleyball strikes an unsuspecting beach goer. Personal injuries are frequently the result of accidents, and they are just that — accidents. However, most accidents are preventable. At Black Law, we hold the people and corporations accountable for failing to prevent an accident that should have been prevented.

What is needed to prove a personal injury claim?

A personal injury negligence claim has four key elements.

  • Someone had a duty to keep others safe such as by keeping the floor of their store dry and free of items to trip over
  • That person didn’t follow through with that duty and created an unsafe condition
  • Another person was injured as a result of the first person’s actions
  • The injured person suffered damages in the form of medical expenses, lost time from work, and other costs related to recovering from their injury as well as pain and suffering and mental anguish

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