Product Liability

When a consumer walks into a store or purchases products online, they can expect that the products they are buying will be able to be safely used for their intended purpose. This isn’t just good marketing — it’s the law. When a product is faulty or defective and causes injury, the injured party has a right to receive full compensation for their injuries from the manufacturer. These injuries are commonly caused by one of the following three problems. 

Design Defects

A manufacturer is responsible for coming up with a design that allows a product to safely achieve its intended purpose. The product should be given adequate safety features, and it should be designed to use materials that are adequate to stand up for its entire useful life. Examples of design defects could include failure to have a barrier between a chainsaw’s blade and its handle or designing furniture with screws that are too short to support its weight.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects occur during the production process. While the design may have been sound, pieces could have been poorly fastened, wrong materials could have been used, or the original specifications may not have been followed.

Failure to Warn

Some products are inherently dangerous, and the consumer assumes the risk of using them. However, in order for them to assume that risk, they need to be made aware of possible hazards and how to avoid them through adequate warning labels or other measures.

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